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High CTR problem in Adsense

If you are a new YouTuber you must have come across high CTR problem at some stage.Every new YouTuber is facing this problem.Sometimes account get suspended for one month but if you are lucky you will be safe even on high CTR. It is a very common problem when you are new and have only few subscribers.Google algorithm is set in such a way that it thinks that you are watching and clicking on your own video ads.
Suppose you have only 100 subscribers and you upload a video and get more views than subscribers then Google thinks that you are making people to click on your ads which is against its policies. So focus on growing subscribers because your loyal subscribes will watch your videos.If you have passion to show your tallent to the world only then you can survive on YouTube.If your only aim is to earn money then it is not possible.So always focus on your content,its quality and your subscribers interest. CTR= (No. Of Clicks/No. of impressions) ×100
For example if you get 10 clicks on …